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USA / Genre - Drama, Action. I must know the name of this music it's too good, it also fits the mood/plot so well that I'm excited of seeing this movie and design of both characters & mobile suits are just amazing. I can live with this list, definitely an improvement over the previous one. Looks like we will be getting a Gundam Wing Gundam in each wave and I cannot wait for a Heavyarms and Epyon figure.

19:49 reminds me the plate armor which also require men assisting to wear and take off. Heavyarms Custom and Deathscythe Hell are two of my personal favorites. 恐らく分かる人しかわからない... のが分かる自分がいる😅. When you live in America but not in San Diego 😭😭😭. Happy 40th birthday, Gundam. Sadly, I live on the other side of the country... For 25 bucks thats actually good like bout the same price for high grades im in. God that was cringy how he pronounced the names. I know its nothing witty or clever just saying it but Im just dumbfounded by how much it hurt listening to him.

Agree. True This is Gundam Documents archive, not just show.


本当にレイジが好きすぎる セイとレイジの絆には感動した. This is how anime ad should be. Not how Ford done it. I'm loving the angles of the Penelope Gundam. I just want a new season, hell they spoke so much about the calamity War so make a prequel in that time era. Nice fail at #1. You never actually showed Wing Zero. That was Wing Gundam. Way to show your serious lack of knowledge of this series. I can tell you right now, that guy in the end. He wants to get this Phenex Gundam.


Amuro, get in the F-ing gundam

Kamaria Ray confuses the heck out of me in this. #UniversalCentury Forever. All this world building and the use of newer assets seem a bit too wasted if it's all just for a gunpla ad. Regardless I love this short. What is that? G. G. Gun. GUNDAM. Can we just get a new more mature anime. I'm still riled up that she killed Chan Agi.




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